God Morgon Alla Barn

A TV-serie I directed a few years ago. I wanna do more TV! And I want to work more with Stina Sturesson. A true talent!


Vi är en svensk långfilm med regi av Mani Maserrat och manus av Jens Jonsson. Bland skådespelarna finns bland andra Gustaf Skarsgård, Anna Åström, Rebecca Ferguson, Sten Ljunggren, Kevin Vaz.Den 31 maj 2012 släpptes en 45 sekunder lång teaser på Youtube med olika scener ur filmen. I en intervju med Aftonbladet berättar regissören att han […]

Det Enda Rationella

Jörgen Bergmark (also called ”Jörgen Berman” at the Venice Film Festival) directed this film with excellence.

Ciao Bella

  I wrote this film for my good friend Mani to direct.


Rille is coming of age in a Swedish town; he’s chubby, stoic, and deliberate. His younger brother Erik is small, impulsive. They’re yin and yang. Their parents are separated, their father a well-meaning alcoholic whom they see on occasion. Rille takes pride in being the keeper of the ping-pong equipment at a youth center, where […]

Snabb Cash 3: Livet Deluxe

Growing up in Obbola it was interesting to make a movie about gangsters and drug lords.